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Grey Goshawk Dines Out on Ringtail Possum

Grey Goshawk Dines Out on Ringtail Possum
In a recent fauna survey of vine thicket near Nanango, an unexpected thing happened. A Grey Goshawk (Accipiter novaehollandiae) landed right in front of one of the remotely deployed cameras with something in its talons. After several images were viewed by us we suddenly realised it had a common ringtail possum in its talons. For... Read More »
Camera trap with a difference
It's been done before by keen photographers around the World, but not many people in Australia have taken up the challenge! What, you may ask? To build a high quality camera trap based on a top-of-the line digital SLR camera with a number of remote flashguns to provide modelled lighting and high resolution images. Initially,... Read More »
Redleaf services now include noise modelling
Redleaf Environmental has expanded its range of services to include noise and vibration impact assessments through state of the art modelling. Our acoustics consultants can model noise emissions for any project that has the potential to have construction related noise impacts. Recently, Redleaf completed a noise and vibration impact assessment for a proposed hard rock... Read More »
Council takes a stand on aboriginal cultural heritage
The Toowoomba Regional Council has undertaken extensive internal staff training on Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment. This new process is a proactive approach to protecting and managing Aboriginal values in the landscape. Over three workshops, 45 staff were given valuable training by Redleaf's Cultural Heritage specialist. The training was tailored to implement constructive change in this... Read More »
Environmental opportunities and constraints analysis for projects
Greenfield developments or expansion of existing footprints require risk assessments to be conducted as part of due diligence on identifying potential impacts to the environment. Risks to a project can take on many forms from legal requirements through to environmental values and social and community expectations. Redleaf Environmental implements a rigorous process for conducting thorough... Read More »
Rare grass discovered in toowoomba park now used in new park development
Toowoomba-based environmental scientist from Redleaf Environmental says finding a small population of a threatened grass in the middle of the city was exciting, as is the process of conserving it in another park. Darren Fielder holds a punnet of the rare hairy joint grass discovered at the Toowoomba waterbird habitat. It is being propagated at... Read More »
Corridor mapping at a local government scale using species habitat models
Redleaf Environmental has just completed a 6 month study that presents ground breaking research into mapping natural asset corridors within Australia. Advancements in GIS interrogation, manipulation and analysis of complex datasets and biological processes has been gleaned from the international and national literature and applied to the Toowoomba local government area natural assets corridor mapping.... Read More »
Seymour Whyte – Warrego Highway, Charlton
Redleaf Environmental provided ecological services, surveying the proposed disturbance footprint for threatened plant species before construction. A number of threatened plant species are known to occur in the general area, including Austral Cornflower (Rhaponticum australe, photo) and several grasses. They can be hard to detect in the long grass adjacent to existing roadways where they often... Read More »
Gladstone's quarry operators take on best practice
Gladstone Regional Council operates and delivers gravel materials to service its regional road network from approximately 70 quarries across the council area. With this number of quarries comes a responsibility to operate them according to best practice standards and to meet regulator conditions. Earlier this year, Council commenced a review of the environmental management of... Read More »

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