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An urban detention basin brought back to life as a butterfly park

An urban detention basin brought back to life as a butterfly park
Detention basins that have received the most publicity in the Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) area are the relatively new basins constructed in Garnet-Lehmann and Ballin Drive Parks. There are however, a number of other smaller basins that were constructed some time ago along creeks in the Toowoomba town area. One of these is a small... Read More »
Urban stream restoration + ecological design
The official opening for the Garnet Lehmann Park detention basin project was held on Saturday, 11 April 2015. Redleaf scientists were on hand doing educational tours of the new park area to highlight environmental aspects of the project. Mayor Paul Antonio said the detention basin was part of council's obligation to build a far more... Read More »
Nesting boxes to attract wildlife to parks
Rosellas, cockatoos, king parrots, lorikeets and other wildlife are set to benefit from the installation of more than 40 nest boxes in Garnet Lehmann and Ballin Drive Parks. As part of ongoing works along East Creek, Toowoomba Regional Council arranged for a variety of nest boxes to be installed to attract native birds and animals... Read More »
Let nature take its course! Nesting birds protected from clearing
Several trees selected for removal for the Ballin Drive Park detention basin will remain in place while nature takes its course. Mayor Cr Paul Antonio said wildlife monitoring by Redleaf Environmental had identified several trees with nests during the recent tree removal at the park. "Council will wait to let nature take its course and... Read More »
Protesters and workers join forces to save bird
Garnet Lehmann Park detention basin project workers and protesters joined forces to save a baby Tawny Frogmouth. East Creek Park Defenders member Barb Marshall said the bird was found by a lady walking her dog late on Sunday. "I didn't have a good sleep that night and I came down early on Monday morning to... Read More »
Fish hotels bring back native species to condamine stream
A range of fish habitat enhancements to Oakey and Myall Creeks on the Darling Downs has been installed by the Condamine Alliance as part of its Dewfish Demonstration Reach. Redleaf Environmental and the Condamine Alliance recently organised a field day for Council staff from Toowoomba to witness first hand how fish hotels, large snags and... Read More »
Redleaf oversees garnet lehmann park wildlife protection
Local fauna was successfully protected from injury or harm this week as construction of the detention basin at Garnet Lehmann Park started. Aware of local community concerns when it comes to the welfare of wildlife inhabiting the park, Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) brought in environmental specialists Redleaf to ensure that all fauna were carefully managed... Read More »
Redleaf scientists support the Australian poultry industry with research into how to prevent avian influenza outbreaks
Native waterfowl as carriers of avian influenza (AI) will be the target of an important project being undertaken by researchers from Redleaf Environmental after receiving support from the Rural Industry Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC) for a project aimed at investigating control measures for waterfowl around poultry farms. According to Redleaf’s principal researcher, Michael Atzeni, avian... Read More »
New QLD Biodiversity offsets framework
On 1 July 2014, a new environmental offsets framework was introduced in Queensland. Under this legislation, if you require an Environmental Authority for a proposed project, you will also be asked to provide information on any significant environmental impacts the project may cause over the whole of its life. If impacts are identified to any... Read More »

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