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Grey Goshawk Dines Out on Ringtail Possum

Grey Goshawk Dines Out on Ringtail Possum
In a recent fauna survey of vine thicket near Nanango, an unexpected thing happened. A Grey Goshawk (Accipiter novaehollandiae) landed right in front of one of the remotely deployed cameras with something in its talons. After several images were viewed by us we suddenly realised it had a common ringtail possum in its talons. For... Read More »
Camera trap with a difference
It's been done before by keen photographers around the World, but not many people in Australia have taken up the challenge! What, you may ask? To build a high quality camera trap based on a top-of-the line digital SLR camera with a number of remote flashguns to provide modelled lighting and high resolution images. Initially,... Read More »
Seymour Whyte – Warrego Highway, Charlton
Redleaf Environmental provided ecological services, surveying the proposed disturbance footprint for threatened plant species before construction. A number of threatened plant species are known to occur in the general area, including Austral Cornflower (Rhaponticum australe, photo) and several grasses. They can be hard to detect in the long grass adjacent to existing roadways where they often... Read More »
Gladstone's quarry operators take on best practice
Gladstone Regional Council operates and delivers gravel materials to service its regional road network from approximately 70 quarries across the council area. With this number of quarries comes a responsibility to operate them according to best practice standards and to meet regulator conditions. Earlier this year, Council commenced a review of the environmental management of... Read More »
Native animals successfully relocated at crows nest
Several native animals, including frogs, lizards, sugar gliders and Brush-tailed possums, were successfully relocated to nearby suitable habitats by Redleaf’s Fauna Spotter Catcher last March. The realignment and upgrading of Middle Road near Crows Nest, north of Toowoomba by FKG Group necessitated the clearing of several large hollow bearing trees. FKG and National Vegetation Management... Read More »
Nesting boxes to attract wildlife to parks
Rosellas, cockatoos, king parrots, lorikeets and other wildlife are set to benefit from the installation of more than 40 nest boxes in Garnet Lehmann and Ballin Drive Parks. As part of ongoing works along East Creek, Toowoomba Regional Council arranged for a variety of nest boxes to be installed to attract native birds and animals... Read More »
Protesters and workers join forces to save bird
Garnet Lehmann Park detention basin project workers and protesters joined forces to save a baby Tawny Frogmouth. East Creek Park Defenders member Barb Marshall said the bird was found by a lady walking her dog late on Sunday. "I didn't have a good sleep that night and I came down early on Monday morning to... Read More »
Radio-tracking a rare bat
The Airly Mine near Capertee in NSW is an underground coal mine with relatively small on-ground footprint immediately adjacent to several National Parks and reserves. For a number of years, the mine has run a comprehensive environmental monitoring program, thanks to the University of Queensland’s Centre for Mined Land Rehabilitation (CMLR). In October this year,... Read More »
Fish hotels bring back native species to condamine stream
A range of fish habitat enhancements to Oakey and Myall Creeks on the Darling Downs has been installed by the Condamine Alliance as part of its Dewfish Demonstration Reach. Redleaf Environmental and the Condamine Alliance recently organised a field day for Council staff from Toowoomba to witness first hand how fish hotels, large snags and... Read More »

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