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The problem with scarred trees: human or natural?

The problem with scarred trees: human or natural?
Human modified scarred trees, or Aboriginal scarred trees, are one of the more identifiable and visible features in the natural cultural heritage landscape. However they are also regularly misidentified because scars can be the result of natural processes or human activity. Human modified scarred trees are by definition any scar created by a human on... Read More »
Protecting threatened bats species in abandoned mines
Many abandoned and irregularly used mine sites provide excellent habitat for bats because of the creation of niche microclimates which are critical to their breeding success. Over time these old mines have become a significant tool in the conservation of bats and have prompted the develpment of bats and mines initiatives in Australia and across... Read More »
Quilpie shire council - a model in state quarry approvals
Quilpie Shire Council has recently received a glowing report card from the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) for its best practice model in assessing and permitting 28 roadbase quarries across its region. With the help of the experienced team from Redleaf Environmental, Quilpie Shire is now recognised as a State leader for its... Read More »

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