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Redleaf Ecologists Threatened Flora In 2016
We have been fortunate this year to see some amazing regions of Australia searching and finding some of our most threatened species of flora. Take a look at some of our photographic record for your enjoyment!Read More »
Contaminated Lands Explained
The thorny issue of potential or actual contaminated lands can be a risk to your project. But it need not be a project killer so long as it is addressed through scientific investigation. What is Contamination? Schedule 4 of the Queensland Environmental Protection Act defines contaminated land as being land contaminated by a hazardous substance... Read More »
Bushfire Management
Bushfire Management Plans can be a vital tool to manage the risks to your assets and peoples' safety. They can be straight forward to develop - if you know what you are doing. Government Policy The Queensland State Government has developed a State-wide mapping methodology to identify Bushfire Prone Areas in support of the bushfire hazard... Read More »
Timber Bridges Often Provide Fauna Habitat
Many regional roads have timber bridge structures across local rivers and creeks. These structures have been there for a very long time (often built in the early 1900's) and are starting to show their age. They are rapidly being replaced across Queensland and New South Wales with single span concrete bridges and culverts. Local governments... Read More »
Black-breasted button-quail surveys came up trumps
Redleaf Environmental recently conducted an assessment of clearing impacts for the construction of a power line to a communications tower. One of the key objectives of the ecological surveys was to confirm Black-breasted Button-quails (Turnix melanogaster) occurred in the area. The species is listed at the state and national level as ‘vulnerable’ to extinction and... Read More »
Grey Goshawk Dines Out on Ringtail Possum
In a recent fauna survey of vine thicket near Nanango, an unexpected thing happened. A Grey Goshawk (Accipiter novaehollandiae) landed right in front of one of the remotely deployed cameras with something in its talons. After several images were viewed by us we suddenly realised it had a common ringtail possum in its talons. For... Read More »
Connected people. Connected wildlife. Connected places. That's the challenge isn't it?
We have been working with our clients to extend our collective thinking in what is possible with urban planning and greenfield sites. As more rural areas on the periphery of our towns and cities are earmarked for future urban growth, there is a real opportunity to get the planning right before we start building new... Read More »
Camera trap with a difference
It's been done before by keen photographers around the World, but not many people in Australia have taken up the challenge! What, you may ask? To build a high quality camera trap based on a top-of-the line digital SLR camera with a number of remote flashguns to provide modelled lighting and high resolution images. Initially,... Read More »
Redleaf services now include noise modelling
Redleaf Environmental has expanded its range of services to include noise and vibration impact assessments through state of the art modelling. Our acoustics consultants can model noise emissions for any project that has the potential to have construction related noise impacts. Recently, Redleaf completed a noise and vibration impact assessment for a proposed hard rock... Read More »

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