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Kelly Critchlow

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Kelly Critchlow

Health Safety and Environment Advisor

From 16 years of working in the environment, safety, mining and resource sectors, Kelly has gained excellent knowledge and understanding of safety, quality and environmental systems through practical application in the Northern Territory and the central Queensland coal fields. She has been employed on major projects including Belvedere Coal Project (Vale Exploration) where she supervised cultural heritage surveys, contractors and site preparations. Kelly has also worked for Legend Diamonds (Uranium and Diamonds) overseeing water quality and soil sampling regimes and quality control programs, remote field work logistics and safety. Other major projects include Ivanhoe Cloncurry, Rio Tinto at Gladstone QLD, MMG Century Mine, Hall Civil and John Holland. On these projects Kelly has demonstrated leadership skills supervising and completing many tasks for field surveys to ensure the projects were compliant with all State and Federal legislation. Kelly has prepared complex and detailed Safety Management Plans, Environmental Management Plans and other systems documentation needed on construction projects. She is also an experienced systems and site auditor.

Kelly brings an advanced skill set in environmental and safety auditing and compliance, water quality and soil sampling and a high level of problem solving to your next project.