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Matthew Head

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Matthew Head

Senior Environmental Scientist and Ecologist
B.Sc., Environment, Ecology and Conservation Biology

Matthew Head is a Senior Environmental Scientist with over eight years of experience in the environmental field. His skills include environmental planning, erosion and sediment control, environmental assessments, legislative guidance, ecological assessments auditing, training, construction, internal and external policy compliance, and stakeholder management.  Most of his work has been on civil infrastructure projects and in the ecological field. During his career he has worked on a wide range of projects from ones that involve multi-disciplinary requirements to ecological surveys, planning and assessments through to construction.

From his past 8 years in the field specialising in road infrastructure projects, Matthew has extensive experience with state government roads both from the DTMR planning and development phases but also on the RoadTek delivery side. He is highly skilled in ISO 14001 certification compliance and auditing and leads DTMR inspections and audits to assist with environmental compliance. Often on these projects, Matt is asked to provide expert input to complex geology, water constraints, threatened flora and fauna species, working close to sensitive receivers and the delivery of comprehensive landscaping plans.