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Sunshine Coast Team Joins the Roving Restorers

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07 September 2021

Redleaf's Kelly and Lyndal off to eradicate some nasty invasive weeds including lantana camara.

Lyndal with her hands on some of the nasty invasive weed.











Roving Restorers was initiated on the Blackall Range in 2012 by Hinterland Bush Links. This group consists of volunteers from the community who assist both private and public landholders with environmental weed control, revegetation and re-connection of habitat in their restoration projects. The roaming group of volunteers that Hinterland Bush Links garners to assist landowners with weed management and revegetation as part of restoration projects on their properties.

Redleaf was excited to lend a hand to the Roving Restorers doing some vital weed control in our native bushland. These people do an amazing job for the environment!

The team, finishing up after a hard mornings work.

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