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Camera trap with a difference

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18 October 2015

It's been done before by keen photographers around the World, but not many people in Australia have taken up the challenge! What, you may ask? To build a high quality camera trap based on a top-of-the line digital SLR camera with a number of remote flashguns to provide modelled lighting and high resolution images.

Initially, Bruce considered the project as just an extension of his wildlife photography hobby, but as it now transpires, the images may have greater value, and are being sought by cleints who need images for interpretive signage and publicity campaigns to promote their environmental management initiatives.

The current camera system uses a 36mp Nikon D800e, three nikon flashes and a Passive Infrared sensor with a programmable chip that can be configured to precisely control the behaviour of the trap system.

The following are some recent results. No doubt more will follow.

Spotted-tailed Quoll

Long-nosed Bandicoot

Bruce Thomson, Redleaf Environmental and AusWildlife Photography, is an internationally recognised wildlife photographer with stunning results for many fauna species and landscapes across the globe.

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