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Connecting people, places and wildlife: our footprint for future generations

As a founding Director, Darren is passionate about people and the environment. Darren has over 25 years of experience in the environmental sector and his research has been recognised internationally. At Redleaf we believe in making planning and development decisions today that value our unique biological and cultural heritage for the prosperity of future generations.

We provide our clients with an integrated team of experts in ecology, environment and heritage to support the management of Australia’s unique natural resource landscapes. Being a motivated team, we aim to provide excellence for every client, for every project. This means being committed to each project to get the very best outcomes.

Redleaf Environmental has a team of highly dedicated ecologists and scientists whose career has been in ecological impact assessment, flora and fauna survey and biodiversity conservation. We have numerous years of experience in remote field work and travelling all over eastern Australia to undertake ecological surveys.

Our team consist of highly skilled scientist with expertise in aquatic and terrestrial fauna and flora survey, monitoring and assessment and conservation management. Individual team members have a wide range of skills and knowledge in specific disciplines including threatened species management, vegetation survey and mapping, conservation biology, fish passage and biology, aquatic ecology, microbat and flying fox ecology.

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