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Redleaf Environmental serves a diverse range of clients across Australia including local governments, state and federal government departments, natural resource management groups, universities, coal seam gas, mining and energy industries, road and rail transport infrastructure, primary industries, developers and other related sectors. Our experienced team has strong working relationships with government regulators and town planners to guide large and small projects through the permitting processes and legislative frameworks within Australia.

Our Vision

Connecting people, places and wildlife. Our footprint for future generations.

Our Ethos

As a founding Director, Darren is passionate about people and the environment. Darren has over 26 years of experience in the environmental sector and his research has been recognised internationally. At Redleaf we believe in making planning and development decisions today that value our unique biological and cultural heritage for the prosperity of future generations.

An Experienced Team

Our staff are experts at what they do. Experience counts, and at Redleaf we have a team of people who have invested their entire lives to bring you a professional package of quality outputs that will save you time and money. Our skill team members provide superior results at an affordable price. Redleaf personnel are located across three states of Australia with diverse backgrounds and life experiences.

How can our experienced team benefit your organisation?

Redleaf Environmental can benefit you because our team of experts combines scientific excellence and advice to help you cut through green tape while at the same time supporting the management of Australia’s unique natural resources and heritage landscapes. We can also help you implement innovative ideas and provide out-of-the-box solutions to your needs.

We provide you with very high standards of expert advice across all facets of research, planning and development. Our professional team members are specialists in their chosen fields. We offer a one-stop-shop from the conceptual stage through to project implementation and post development monitoring and assessment. We have a strong safety principle, work ethic and people ethos to bring you the best result for your organisation. 

Contact us today because we can help you fast track your project to success!

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Darren Fielder Director, Principal Scientist