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Environmental Management Plans

Best practice environmental management

Environmental Management Plans are now a recognised component to any construction project and require specialist input to ensure they comply with local government and state regulators. We have developed and documented many 100’s of EMPs across all industries including for local governments, civil engineers, contractors, road builders and many more.

  • Prepared by suitably qualified person
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Training responsibilities
  • Emergency Contact and procedures
  • Provide details on the identified impacts of proposed actions
  • Provides management strategies to reduce the impact of the proposed action
  • Assesses the risks and makes commitments to mitigate the risks

Key Topics Covered in an EMP:

  • Project details
  • System management
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Risk management
  • Personnel Management
  • Traffic Management
  • Environmental Management
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Erosion and Sediment Control
  • Waste Management and Contaminated Sites
  • Flora & Fauna
  • Biosecurity
  • Community Impact
  • Water Quality Monitoring Requirements
  • Noise
  • Vibration
  • Air Quality Monitoring Requirements
  • Vegetation Clearing and disturbance
    • Grasses, trees, vines, herbs and forbs
    • Rock and topsoil removal/disturbance
  • Contamination
  • Safety and emergency procedures
  • Site Rehabilitation

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