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Fauna Spotter Catcher

Need a Fauna Spotter Catcher? 

We have a experienced fauna spotter catchers ready to be on site for your project. Whether its clearing and grubbing vegetation or working in rivers or lakes. We can help you out.

  • Koala - spotter for koala habitat and feed trees.
  • Terrestrial - habitat trees, shrubs and ground cover for animal breeding places
  • Aquatic - fyke nets, crab traps, seine nets and hand capture of turtles, fish and platypus

Redleaf holds a rehabilitation permit approved by the Department of Environment and Science. All of our fauna spotter catchers are fully qualified snake handlers with years of experience in fauna capture and handling. They are also experienced in working in construction zones alongside dozers and other machinery. Our spotter catcher standard operating procedures provides robust and clear site communications with safety of paramount importance.

Redleaf has a current Rehabilitation Permit. We also adhere to the relevant protocols that are associated with these approvals, for example, the Code of Practice ‐ Care of Sick, Injured or Orphaned Protected Animals.

Our fauna specialists can help your project if it involves vegetation clearing, aquatic clearances, habitat removal or capture and relocation of fauna for:

  • Pre-clearance surveys of fauna including species identification and habitat assessments for breeding places such as hollow logs, ant mounds, tree hollows
  • Pre-clearance trapping and relocation of fauna to reduce abundance and densities
  • Habitat modification and enhancement including nesting boxes, bat boxes and relocation of insitu hollow logs
  • Koala surveys and spotter catcher services
  • Species Management Programs under the Nature Conservation Act Regulations
  • Aquatic clearances for bridge constructions or other infrastructure in and around rivers and wetlands
  • Compliance and permitting requirements for any project with wildlife

Our fauna spotter catchers hold:

  • snake handling certification
  • fauna handling certification
  • construction white cards
  • current first aid certificate
  • scientific permits and ethics approvals

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Download Our Capability Statement

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