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The responsibilities of local councils are extensive and require ongoing support for good decision making. Our experts provide you with certainty on decisions for development approvals and compliance or auditing. We can assist with environmental and cultural heritage assessments related to the local road networks, waste management, town planning, water and sewage treatment plants, wetlands and waterways and other services.

We can provide you with the scientific excellence and expertise you need to assist Councils in meeting their environmental obligations of operating and maintaining significant community infrastructure and managing their natural resources. Our specialist services include:

  • Sewage Treatment Plants – expert advice on the management of STPs. This includes investigation into environmental harm to sensitive landscape features such as underground aquifers, watercourses and wetlands.
  • Waste Disposal – environmental management of council waste facilities.
  • Approvals and Permits – statutory licensing and environmental approvals for local roads, environmentally relevant activities (ERAs), quarries, borrow pits, flood ways, culverts and routine maintenance of other infrastructure.
  • Compliance and Auditing – as an independent service provider, we can undertake audit and compliance activities on council sub-contractors or project specific related tasks.
  • Biodiversity Assessments – biodiversity surveys and nature conservation planning including strategic plans and conservation value assessments, identification and protection of wildlife corridors, rivers and wetlands, remnant vegetation and other bushland areas.
  • Cultural Heritage – indigenous and built (historic) cultural heritage surveys and mapping of values.
  • Traditional Owner Liaison and Negotiation – facilitation of cultural heritage inspections and clearances with Aboriginal traditional owner groups.
  • Cultural Heritage Management Plans – negotiate with aboriginal parties to develop Cultural Heritage Management Plans.
  • EIS Reports – conduct environmental impact statements (EIS) for small or major infrastructure projects.

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