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Case Studies

Recent examples of Projects that RedLeaf Environmental has undertaken:
Rainfall records collected fastidiously over many decades by landholders are being collected and entered into BOM databases for use in climate change and rainfall modelling. These records help to fill spatial and knowledge gaps where there are no official gauging stations. Read More »
RedLeaf Environmental provided technical expertise to facilitate the Development Approval and environmental permits. We have also developed a Site Based Management Plan, incorporating a Water Quality Management Program, for the ongoing operation of the sewage treatment plant (STP) for the township of Eromanga. Read More »
RedLeaf Environmental project managed the approvals process for 70 quarries in Quilpie Shire. This has included flora and fauna surveys, development of Activity Based Management Plans, Quarry Management Plans, State licencing and permits and threatened species management. Read More »
Liaison and negotiations with Traditional Owner groups including walk throughs were conducted across quarry sites in Quilpie Shire. Aboriginal cultural heritage values were identified in the landscape and appropriate management and mitigation strategies have been undertaken to protect these important values. Read More »
An environmental and cultural heritage impact assessment was conducted by RedLeaf Environmental for a planned deviation of Rockmount Road. This project incorporated design concept, flora and fauna investigations, archaeological investigations and expert input to the legislative processes involved in a complex project. Read More »
RedLeaf Environmental conducted a risk assessment of the water dependent iconic and threatened species and communities and water assets of the Bulloo, Paroo, Warrego and Nebine catchments of south west Qld. Relative vulnerabilities and level of risk of these ecological assets to coal seam gas and mining development was identified. The outcomes of this review provided...  Read More »
This species management program was specifically developed to mitigate damage to protected species and breeding places as a result of this project. The SMP covered management and mitigation activities for the Endangered Mary River turtle, Elusor macrurus, and the white throated snapping turtle, Elseya albagula, platypus and the Large-footed Myotus bat, Myotus macropus. This SMP addressed EPBC referral...  Read More »
RedLeaf Environmental wrote this species management program (SMP) to manage impacts to Wallum frog species associated with Ergon Energy's program of electricity delivery across south east Queensland (SEQ). The SMP addressed the threatened wallum frogs - Crinia tinnula (vulnerable), Litoria olongburensis (vulnerable), Litoria cooloolensis (near threatened) and Litoria freyceneti (vulnerable). Read More »
RedLeaf Environmental provides expert advice on the identification, mapping, conservation values and mitigation measures for wetlands across the gas fields of the Surat Basin in Queensland. Read More »
RedLeaf Environmental has been engaged to conduct fauna and flora surveys and assessments for the upstream pipelines, well pads, gathering and access tracks and other related infrastructure in the Surat Basin of Queensland. Read More »
An ongoing project to supply expertise in the assessment of environmental issues including flora and fauna surveys, permitting and approvals for the implementation of the Transport Network Reconstruction Program (TNRP) in the South West Regional Program Office (RPO). Read More »
Technical expertise was required from RedLeaf Environmental to interpret, analyse and report on salinity and turbidity parameters from water quality data in the Condamine River catchment. These analyses provided the basis for establishing water quality thresholds for the protection of ecological values. Read More »
A water quality monitoring program was being implemented on behalf of the Queensland Gas Company in the Condamine River and surrounding tributaries, located in the Surat Basin gas fields. Technical field expertise by RedLeaf Environmental was provided in the area of water quality and macroinvertebrate sampling. Read More »
Dr Darren Fielder, co-author of AquaBAMM, lead a team to develop the Aquatic Conservation Assessment for the freshwater wetlands of the Qld Murray-Darling Basin. Previous employment with the Department of Environment and Resource Management. Read More »
The aquatic specialists of RedLeaf conducted clearances for freshwater turtles, platypus and bats within the construction footprint for a new bridge at Conondale on the Mary River in south east Queensland. We undertook sand bank searches for viable nests and hatchlings, underwater clearances of turtles, trapping, netting and platypus burrow detection and clearances. Read More »
RedLeaf was engaged as experts in aquatic conservation values for water assets of the Qld Murray-Darling Basin funded under the Australian Government Bioregional Assessments of the direct and indirect impacts of CSG and large coal mining development. This involvement included expert advice on knowledge gaps, wetland conservation, Ramsar sites, threats and vulnerabilities, impacts to rare...  Read More »