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Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Heritage

Redleaf Environmental heritage practitioners and archaeologists have extensive experience across eastern Australia in historic built heritage and Aboriginal and Torres Straight cultural heritage. Redleaf provides our clients with expert heritage advice through understanding our landscapes and cultural values. We have a proven track record of valuing Aboriginal people’s knowledge and understanding to bring clarity and certainty for all stakeholders on small or large projects.

Our team of archaeologists are accomplished negotiators for maintaining and enhancing client stakeholder relationships having most recently worked on the Granite Belt Irrigation project ($80M proposed dam) working with several Aboriginal parties, councils and community stakeholders. We ensure decisions are made in proportion to the heritage risks on site and the proposed impact mitigation works (archaeological excavations or monitoring) are sustainable for the project and in our client’s best interest.

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Historic Heritage

Our heritage advisors and archaeologists are experts in historic heritage having identified and nominated values on local and state registers. We are passionate in identifying and valuing our past heritage including the preservation of present day items, landscapes and buildings for future generations to enjoy. 

Our services have covered numerous project types including rail, road, water infrastructure, CSG and mining along with local governments and community groups. We come to each project with a focus on bringing the various values and stakeholder groups together to formulate the best and most balanced outcome for protecting the heritage values. We also bring practical understanding throughout the concept design stage, construction, and post-development stages.

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