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Redleaf has suitably qualified team members in land contamination and remediation. We work with you to identify what, it any, contaminants you have on site and to develop a remediation plan. We regularly undertake Preliminary Site Investigations and Detailed Site Investigations to work through any issues on site. We understand the legislative requirements and approvals you need to complete developments in known areas of contamination.

There two primary duties that apply to everyone in Queensland under the Environmental Protection Act 1994:

General environmental duty – which means a person must not carry out any activity that causes or is likely to cause environmental harm, unless measures to prevent or minimise the harm have been taken;


Duty to notify of environmental harm – to inform the administering authority and landowner or occupier when an incident has occurred that may have caused or threatens serious or material environmental harm.

  • Environmental Protection Act 1994
  • Department of Environment & Science (DES) – all lands that have in accordance with the legislation been deemed as Contaminated Land.
  • These two registers are the Environmental Management Register (EMR) and the Contaminated Land Register (CLR).

EMR is register for land that has been or is being used for a notifiable activity or has been contaminated by a hazardous contaminant

CLR is a register of proven contaminated land (considered 'risk sites'), that is causing or may cause serious environmental harm.

Examples: railway corridors, old service stations, petrol underground storages, oil sumps, industrial workshops, defence lands, accidental spill sites (tanker roll overs), Stock dips, landfills.

Redleaf Contaminated Land Investigation

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