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Imagine If Environmental Consultants Gave You Prompt And Accurate Advice?

What would it be like to have experienced environmental and cultural heritage consultants to give you the confidence to get on with the job, within budget and on time? What if having this was easier than you think?

We understand that you require timely and accurate advice on issues that affect your operations. Our experienced team of professionals provide expert advice and assessment for greenfield sites, and once under construction, compliance and monitoring to meet regulatory requirements. Through our extensive network of personal and professional contacts we are able to facilitate timely resolutions of licensing and permit requirements. We have a reputation for quality and prompt delivery.


Redleaf Environmental provides an integrated environmental service to mining and energy proponents to meet environmental approvals, compliance and auditing, sustainability and technical aspects. We do this by identifying natural values and potential environmental issues for projects, and work with you to develop practical mitigation measures for all stages of the project.


We take OH&S very seriously when operating in greenfield sites, construction zones or quarries.  Our people are experienced operators in remote areas, mine sites, coal seam gas (CSG) fields and other constructions zones. Through our procedures and within the OH&S framework of your resource company, we aim to work in the safest possible way.

Our services to the resource and energy sector are:

  • Ecological surveys – terrestrial and aquatic flora and fauna including threatened species and vegetation communities
  • Timely and cost effective advice on project infrastructure placement and mitigation measures
  • Specialist wetland and watercourse advice for mitigation and conservation assessment
  • Approvals negotiations as required by both Commonwealth and State environmental regulatory authorities
  • Expert scientific investigations to meet regulator requirements
  • Fauna spotter / catcher on-site services during construction to protect and / or remove fauna from operational areas
  • Cultural heritage inspections and clearances including negotiation and liaison with Aboriginal traditional owner groups
  • Development of Cultural Heritage Management Plans
  • Mine site rehabilitation and monitoring
  • Specialist bat survey and advice for the rehabilitation of historic and disused mining precincts
  • Landholder access

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