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Connected people. Connected wildlife. Connected places. That's the challenge isn't it?

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22 October 2015

We have been working with our clients to extend our collective thinking in what is possible with urban planning and greenfield sites. As more rural areas on the periphery of our towns and cities are earmarked for future urban growth, there is a real opportunity to get the planning right before we start building new roads, subdivisions, new shopping centres, sports facilities and recreation parks. At Redleaf, we are about building communities and providing amenity not urban deserts. Nature strips not manicured pathways. Connecting people to places and connecting us to our natural surrounds with all the benefits of 21st century living. When we see kids playing in and around creeks and bushland, it creates lifelong connection to our home – our inner place of happiness. Connected people. Connected wildlife. Connected places. That’s the challenge, isn’t it?


As Toowoomba sees massive growth in population and infrastructure, there is an equal demand on our natural landscape to accommodate new urban and industry centres, roads like the four lane Toowoomba Second Range Crossing and future Inland Rail. These things will dramatically change the face the Darling Downs for ever. So the challenge is to make the right decisions now that last for generations to come. To make the right decisions now that allow for ecosystem services of clean water, clean soils, and habitat that supports local flora and fauna. We also need to ensure that the standard of living is maintained or enhanced for our community.

From an ecology point of view, in some cases it is about protecting or limiting the impact to what is already there such as patches of vegetation, local creeks and wetlands, woodlands and grasslands. In other cases it is about rehabilitating degraded systems and preventing further soil erosion and bank erosion on our watercourses.


From a community point of view, we want to create places that people want to live and work in. Places connected through transportation, trails and vegetated corridors. The local wildlife need connection hubs and places for shelter.

Our team of ecologists, scentists and urban planners have been privilaged to support the Toowoomba Regional Council on its strategic planning for the future of a proposed 50 hectare 500 lot subdivision involving a spring feed creek and natural areas. We have been working alongside RMA Engineers and design firm Lat27 to create a masterplan with an inspiring vision that pushes the boundaries of urban planning. This project has been excellent and the professionalism has been great. At Redleaf we believe in facilitating community growth along with maintaining our unique flora and fauna and natural landscapes.


Image sourced from the masterplan as supplied by Lat27

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