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Eromanga’s sewage treatment plant receives a facelift by quilpie shire council

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27 September 2013

The Common Effluent Disposal (CED) system at Eromanga township in far south west Queensland was upgraded following a recent development approval by the state government. Redleaf Environmental assisted Quilpie Shire Council in meeting its regulatory requirements under the Environmental Protection Act 1994 for ERA 63 (Sewage Treatment Plants) after health and environmental concerns were raised in 2012.

Water testing revealed elevated levels of E. coli bacteria within a nearby natural watercourse and in shallow aquifers under the township which required attention by Council for health issues and environmental compliance. RedLeaf Environmental undertook a review of the CED master plans, management practices, existing plant and equipment, water quality plan and soil tests associated with the oxidation lagoons and pump station. A Development Application (DA) and a Site Based Management Plan (SBMP) were required along with several changes to the way the CED was operated.

From this review, the emergency response system of the CED was overhauled including the instigation of routine maintenance checks. Additionally, water quality sampling regime was developed for the natural creek and an upgrade to the overflow storage facilities at the pump station was undertaken in case of pump failures. Quilpie Shire Council was able to engage Redleaf's experienced team members to address the various planning stages and implementation of the improved management of the Eromanga CED.

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STP Oxidation Ponds

STP Oxidation Ponds

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