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Inland Rail Fauna Spotter Catcher Services

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01 September 2021

Inland Rail Fauna Spotter Catcher Services

Redleaf on the job at Darling Downs.

Grassland habitat for the Condamine Earless Dragon.









Redleaf’s team of fauna spotter catchers have been busy helping on the Inland Rail for Macquarie Geotechnical. A suitably qualified fauna spotter catcher was required to be on site for pre-clearance surveys, excavation and testing activities. It was the fauna spotter catcher’s aim to ensure that a pre-clearance survey was undertaken each day before commencing work to identify any potential habitat, to minimise harm to native wildlife at the work site and to relocate any fauna that was found. The spotter/catcher also supervised appropriate clearing activities to identify and remove fauna safely, thereby reducing harm to native wildlife.

Relocated Green Tree Frogs.

The Macquarie Geotechnical team and our Redleaf Fauna Spotter Catcher, Annerie Dinkelmann, on the Inland Rail project.

Soil sampling by Macquarie Geotechnical.

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