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New Trigger Map For Protected Plants

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03 October 2014

Recently, the Department of Enviornment and Heritage Protection initiated a new trigger under the Nature Conservation Act. The Protected Plants Flora Survey Trigger Map shows high risk areas for protected plants and is to be used to help determine flora survey and clearing permit requirements for a particular location. Areas shown on the map as high risk (blue zone) are subject to particular requirements under legislation.


You will need to do a comprehensive flora survey prior to undertaking any clearing of protected plants in an area identified as high risk on the map, unless the clearing can be done under a relevant exemption. The flora survey will need to comply with the Protected Plants Flora Survey Guidelines (PDF, 401K). A clearing permit will be required if endangered, vulnerable or near threatened plants are to be cleared or may be impacted by the proposed clearing.

Even if your project is not shown within a high risk area on the map, you will need a clearing permit to clear endangered, vulnerable or near threatened plants if you know that such plants may be present in the area you propose to clear or may be impacted by the proposed clearing.

RedLeaf Environmental qualified botantists have collectively undertaken over 300 flora surveys across Queensland in the past three years which have generated over 15,000 records including a number of threatened flora species.

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