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Dr Christina Kindermann

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Dr Christina Kindermann

Senior Environmental Scientist and Ecologist
PhD in Australian Amphibians, B.Sc. Conservation Biology with Hons

Christina is a Senior Environmental Scientist with Redleaf Environmental with a background in amphibian biology and restoration ecology. Christina has developed a variety of skills including fauna and flora identification, targeted mammal trapping, professional report writing, GIS mapping using QGIS platforms, ecological assessments, and EVNT surveys. She has also been involved in terrestrial habitat assessments, and identification of TECs in regional Queensland. Christina has also gained previous experience in project management and has organised multiple field trips and lead multiple teams in the field, showing knowledge of producing safety documentation such as SWMS and daily pre-starts. She has experience in delivering projects from start to finish and ensures projects are delivered on budget and values building strong client relationships.

Christina is an authority on amphibian conservation and biology. She has various published works in amphibian ecology and disease research and has been granted several awards in her field.

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