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Ethan Devereux-Phillips

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Ethan Devereux-Phillips

B.Arts. (Hons); B.Arts. in Archaeology

Ethan Devereux-Phillips is an accomplished archaeologist with expertise in both indigenous and historic heritage. He has a particular interest in historic material and built heritage, especially as it relates to the history of conflict, as well as industrial and maritime history. Ethan's First Class Honours thesis focused on a survey of 111 Brisbane war memorials, which identified local typological and temporal trends and their connection to collective memory.

Ethan has worked on numerous heritage assessments, salvage excavations, and laboratory analyses, including excavating on Moloka'i, Hawai'i, and conducting midden analysis in the lab. At Redleaf Environmental, Ethan specializes in built and historic heritage projects while also supporting other archaeological excavations and Indigenous assessments as part of the Cultural Heritage Team. Additionally, Ethan works for the State Library of Queensland as part of the ANZAC Square Galleries team, where he researches Queensland's military history, engages with the public, and helps maintain the historic site. His diverse experience provides him with a comprehensive and holistic approach to cultural heritage, allowing him to support Redleaf's clients as part of the Cultural Heritage Team.

Ethan's expertise is evident in the wide range of heritage assessments, reports, and monitoring activities he has completed. He has conducted heritage assessments and site inspections, developed guidelines for heritage sympathetic repairs, and recorded historic features for various clients. He has also catalogued artefacts for Cross River Rail, Woolloongabba, Queensland, and prepared heritage assessments for infrastructure projects, including the Mt Crosby Roundabout upgrade and the Northern Murray Darling Basin Toolkit. Additionally, Ethan has conducted cultural heritage risk assessments, completed external design environmental checklists, and prepared heritage assessments for various other infrastructure projects. Finally, Ethan has completed both research and salvage excavations, as well as laboratory analyses, for numerous sites around the world, including Moloka'i, Hawai'i, Dungowan Dam, Tamworth, New South Wales, and Pella, Jordan.