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Geoff Sharp

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Geoff Sharp

Principal Consultant
B. Natural Resources; Dip. Engineering; Cert. IV in Training and Assessment; Certified ESCP; EMS Lead Auditor

Geoff has extensive expertise in working on major infrastructure construction projects in Queensland, involving tasks such as interpreting legislation, collaborating with diverse project management teams, resolving issues, conducting audits, negotiating with regulators, and managing compliance-related challenges. He has been an environmental professional based in Toowoomba for over 23 years.

Geoff is a certified botanist and a Suitably Qualified Person according to the Queensland Nature Conservation (Plants) Regulation Act 2020. He has considerable experience in biodiversity conservation and assessment, having conducted fauna and flora surveys and assessments across various regions of Queensland and parts of northern NSW.

Geoff has over 25 years of experience in environmental impact assessment, land management, and risk management for large civil construction projects. He specialises in vegetation mapping, clearing permits, revegetation, threatened species surveys, BioCondition assessments, offsetting, soil surveys, erosion remediation, hazardous waste disposal, landholder liaison, contaminated land management, incident investigation, remote area operations, negotiating with regulators, and obtaining environmental approvals. Throughout his career, he has worked with both government and private sector organizations, serving the mining, electrical distribution, gas, roads, railways, dams, ports, agriculture, and urban expansion industries in various operational, management, and strategy roles.

In his previous roles, he was involved in large EIS projects and Reviews of Environmental Factors. At Ergon Energy, he successfully developed hundreds of kilometres of powerlines, including those in National Parks and World Heritage Areas, without any major incidents.

Geoff is dedicated to minimising the environmental impact of projects on the environment and finding practical solutions to meet project and regulatory requirements. He readily integrates into multiple project teams, leveraging his engaging, risk-based approach to problem-solving.