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Lachlan Harriman

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Lachlan Harriman

Graduate Environmental Scientist
B.Sc. in Environmental Science

Lachlan is passionate about our native wildlife and excels in the identification of flora species within native ecosystems. He is experienced in the reintroduction and propagation of native flora species for suitable natural ecosystems having successfully restored degraded ecological sites to achieve biodiversity outcomes. Lachlan has also undertaken numerous flora surveys. He is an enthusiastic and professional team member on any project. Lachlan always strives for continuous improvement in our workplace health and safety aspects including completing risk assessments for mechanical and electrical equipment usage, manual handling, working in and around waterways and chemical handling and transport.

During his previous employment as a Conservation Officer, Lachlan successfully restored six ecological sites and volunteered for several wildlife/environmental community engagement events. He also conducted countless flora surveys in various Queensland environments and improved his knowledge and identification of native and invasive flora species. Additionally, Lachlan liaised with community members at community events.

Lachlan graduated from Queensland University of Technology in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Environmental Science and minoring in Wildlife Ecology and Physics. He has experience in report writing, data analysis, laboratory work, risk management, and identification of field and laboratory procedures. Lachlan has conducted multiple environmental surveys and data collection involving flora and fauna, including the identification and collection of native flora species and capturing, identifying, and releasing both vertebrate and invertebrate fauna species.