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Shannon Minnis

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Shannon Minnis

Environmental Scientist & Ecologist
B.App.Sc. in Wildlife Science

Shannon Minnis is an ecologist with experience in conducting ecological surveys to assess the status of our native wildlife. She specialises in utilising various trapping techniques such as pitfall and funnel traps, wildlife camera traps, Elliot and cage traps, spotlighting, and baited sand plots to capture and monitor fauna. In addition, Shannon has expertise in conducting flora surveys and using techniques such as ground cover quadrants, habitat assessments, and botanical assessments to monitor and evaluate native flora.

Shannon has worked on a diverse range of projects such as wind farms, solar farms, highway upgrades, and transmission lines, where she has excelled as a fauna spotter catcher. She is passionate about conducting environmental impact assessments and has excellent communication skills for presenting findings in technical reports and presentations. Shannon pays meticulous attention to detail and is an effective communicator.

Shannon is proficient in animal health checks, including weighing and measuring, body scoring, micro-chipping, and DNA sampling. She has experience in collecting camera traps from the field, securely storing camera data, and processing it into events using Microsoft Excel and Access. Shannon is also an experienced 4WD driver, adept at driving on regional roads, recovering bogged vehicles, and driving at a steady pace for spotlighting surveys. Shannon works within animal ethics guidelines and follows QLD legislations to ensure the safety of the animals and the environment.