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Redleaf services now include noise modelling

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20 August 2015

Redleaf Environmental has expanded its range of services to include noise and vibration impact assessments through state of the art modelling. Our acoustics consultants can model noise emissions for any project that has the potential to have construction related noise impacts.

Recently, Redleaf completed a noise and vibration impact assessment for a proposed hard rock and sand quarry in the Lockyer Valley. The quarry included a sand extraction area, a site compound, crushing screening plant, stockpiling areas, sediment control basins, hard rock extraction area and concrete batching plant.

The objective of this assessment was to evaluate the noise and vibration operational impacts on sensitive receptors using a design horizon 10 years after the opening of the development. Redleaf was able to model the estimated noise generated by the proposal and the impact to the nearest sensitive receptors (in this case 10 residential houses).

Noise from the following activities was addressed:

  • concrete batching - used dump truck;
  • excavation, blasting and drilling - used loader handling raw rock;
  • crushing and screening plant - blasted or other material is transferred to the crushing and screening plant using an excavator and loader (crushing plant settings); and
  • sand and gravel - used dump truck.

Potential impacts on the acoustic environment from project activities include:


  • Environmental noise disturbance. This includes nuisance noise and background noise creep, which is when noise levels progressively become higher over time.
  • Vibration-induced human discomfort and structural damage.

These potential impacts are most evident during operation. Noise guidelines aim to control excessive noise during construction and persistent noise during operation.

Contact us for a quote on a noise and vibration impact assessment for your project.

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