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Species Management Programs

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22 December 2021

Species Management Programs

What are they?

The management and protection of wildlife and its habitat on a job site is controlled by a Species Management Program (SMP). A person must not take, keep or use a protected animal unless authorised. A Low Risk SMP is used for Least concern animals (that aren’t colonial breeders). High Risk SMP is used for animals which are colonial breeders (e.g., welcome swallows, microbats), special least concern animals and threatened species (near threatened, vulnerable, endangered or critically endangered).

When do you need one?

If the action on site will impact on an animal breeding place in order to complete the scope of works, an authorised SMP is required. This approval is usually quick with a Low Risk SMP but can take up to 40 business days for a High Risk SMP.

Redleaf’s team of ecologists will provide you with certainty on your next development to ensure you meet your regulatory requirements regarding wildlife management.

Using a telescopic camera to check Fairy Martin nests under a bridge.


Fairy Martin nests are captured under the High Risk SMP as colonial breeders.

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