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06 May 2014

Respected wildlife scientists, Dr Bruce Thomson and Dr Darren Fielder of Redleaf Environmental were recently commissioned by the Condamine Alliance to undertake an assessment of the condition and threats facing the catchment’s biodiversity as part of the review of The Condamine Catchment Natural Resource Management Plan. The review will be released online alongside information on the condition of the land and water of the catchment as part of a State of the Catchment report.

According to Redleaf, the Plan review is an opportunity for all community members to review the trends in biodiversity, land and water in the Condamine Catchment and to provide strategic direction for the Condamine Catchment community.

“We encourage all community members to get involved by taking a look at the report and sending in your thoughts on where we should all focus our efforts. To tell the story of what’s affecting and what can help your backyard – large or small,” Dr Fielder said.

ondamine Alliance NRM Plan Presentation

Photo: Condamine Alliance NRM Plan Presentation at the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce.

The Plan sets out the priorities and targets for the region based on extensive scientific review and stakeholder consultation, and assesses water, land and wildlife resources.

“The Plan undergoes a review every five years to reflect the changing issues affecting natural resource management in the catchment,” said Lucy Richardson, Condamine Alliance General Manager Programs.

“The Plan is a key document and it’s essential we get it right so it reflects what the community wants and considers important,” Ms Richardson said.

“It is also a living document that sets out the priorities and targets for the region based on extensive scientific review and stakeholder consultation,” she said.

“The Plan considers local, regional, state and national priorities and also identifies the region’s major natural resource management challenges and opportunities and ways to address them.”

Community members, industry and government are invited to be part of the review and share their knowledge and ideas for the development of the draft Plan.

“The review is the ideal opportunity to have a say about what’s important and what needs to be done to make sure the Condamine catchment remains a healthy and productive home for everyone,” Ms Richardson said.

“The Plan deals with critical issues that affect the whole community so it’s important everyone knows what’s going on and how to have a say.”

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