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NSW Bell’s Turtle Surveys

NSW Bell’s Turtle Surveys
Dr Darren Fielder and Dr Christina Kindermann have been undertaking aquatic surveys at Deepwater as part of the Turtles Forever project. These surveys have been ongoing for the past 6 years through the Northern Tablelands Local Land Services at Armidale. We completed surveys in December 2021 for the endangered Bell’s turtle, Myuchelys bellii, and also... Read More »
Species Management Programs
Species Management Programs What are they? The management and protection of wildlife and its habitat on a job site is controlled by a Species Management Program (SMP). A person must not take, keep or use a protected animal unless authorised. A Low Risk SMP is used for Least concern animals (that aren’t colonial breeders). High... Read More »
BioCondition Benchmarks Updated
The Queensland Herbarium has released updated and revised BioCondition Benchmarks (Ver 3.2) for Regional Ecosystem mapping and assessment. These new and updated benchmarks will help to monitor and undertake impact assessment for small and large projects. Benchmarks are specific to each regional ecosystem or vegetation community in Queensland. Benchmarks account for natural variability in structure... Read More »
Eagle’s Nest Depression Camp Heritage Survey
Eagle’s Nest Depression Camp Heritage Survey Redleaf’s archaeologists conducted a heritage survey on the 1930s Eagle’s Nest Depression camp in order to investigate the material remains still present at the site. As one of the few surviving Depression-era camps, the Eagle's Nest Camp was listed on the Queensland Heritage Register in 2021.      ... Read More »
Inland Rail Fauna Spotter Catcher Services
Inland Rail Fauna Spotter Catcher Services                 Redleaf’s team of fauna spotter catchers have been busy helping on the Inland Rail for Macquarie Geotechnical. A suitably qualified fauna spotter catcher was required to be on site for pre-clearance surveys, excavation and testing activities. It was the fauna spotter... Read More »

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